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Service Finance Corporation Ltd (“SFC”), commenced operations in 1997. For over 35 years we have financed thousands of small businesses to help them grow and prosper.

We are not a broker, we are a lender in our own right, giving more flexibility and less limitations than other lenders.

We fully understand that the major banks typically offer the lowest interest rates and fees, but often this comes with considerable frustration for the customer.

Furthermore, quite often it is not smart to have all your finance with your primary bank. Spreading your borrowing gives you greater business growth flexibility.

We don’t aim to compete with the banks. We position ourselves in the lending market to assist clients who have borrowing profiles or require funding for assets that fall outside bank lending rules.

Often it is only one or two minor things which can tip a client outside bank criteria. These are the customers we love to help.

Our interest rates and fees are marginally more than the banks however our superior service and track record of actually delivering finance solutions makes us extremely good value.

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