Our Values

Our firmly held values of Integrity, Thoroughness, and Accessibility underpin our approach to every application.

Our values describe our company culture and influence how we conduct our business.


We do what we say we’re going to do. We keep you informed at every stage with clear concise communication.

We don’t blow smoke and we ensure honesty upfront. We provide a service you can trust with an outcome you can rely on.


Groundwork makes all the difference. We’re able to provide finance when other lenders won’t because we are thorough in our pursuit of the complete picture.

When we’ve assessed your application you can be sure that we’ll be providing the best deal we can offer.


We are consultative and accessible. You will be able to speak with the person making the decisions.

We are clear about our requirements and about our process. There’s no mystery, just simple transparent steps to achieve the best outcome in each finance application.