Where other lenders see risk, we see an opportunity to provide fast business finance.

If you have clients that don’t meet traditional lending guidelines, or who need fast business finance for assets the banks won’t consider, then you’re in the right place.

We know that small and medium sized businesses often provide a niche service or product and their assets and equipment don’t necessarily fall into generic categories. Many lenders may not consider old or unusual equipment if it doesn’t tick the right boxes for them. But we’re open minded. If it is of value to the business, we can consider it for finance.

We assist your clients who have borrowing profiles that fall outside bank lending rules. Often it is only one or two minor things which can tip a client outside bank criteria. We take the time to dig a bit deeper. We see each business owner for who they are and what they’re trying to achieve. We will always look at their bigger picture.

How we work

Our Lending Officer is dedicated to working with Finance Brokers to get the deal done.

We are a non matrix lender – we understand each applicant is different and we assess them as individuals.

We are able to provide finance when other lenders are too timid because we are thorough in our pursuit of the complete picture. We ask for a detailed account of your client and their business. This is good for your client because the more information we have, the lower the lending risk and the higher the chance of approval.

Because we are thorough, once we have the info we need, we can then turn around fast business finance.

Our Process

We provide fast business finance for clients with unique circumstances. Our 5 step process ensures we can achieve a quick turnaround for you and your clients.

Broker Partner Program

At Service Finance, we offer a partnership program for brokers.

Our partnership program offers:

  • The opportunity to receive referrals from us to new clients in need of business finance.
  • A potential solution to help new and current clients with unique circumstances.
  • Support from us via our early feedback process to help you help your clients get the fast business finance they need.

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A long term Transport client of mine dedicated to his profession for many years unfortunately found, due to circumstances out of his control, it difficult to obtain funding from the traditional banks. The forward thinking of the team at Service Finance worked with us to produce an outcome that was easy to manage and progressed my client’s opportunity. Without this flexibility, my client’s business may have lost their contract, but more importantly, I could have lost him completely as a client. To have a flexible financier on my panel that will create opportunities where others can’t helps my brand to service the now often complex Transport Industry!

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John Bouloukis, Director at JB Finance

Success Stories

  • New bar Fit-out

New Bar Fit-out with Residual ($23,500)

Challenge: A client had run a successful bar for several years and wanted to re-do the interior to improve the appearance

  • New gaming machine

Unique Business Assets ($37,000)

Challenge: A new business of coin operated gaming machines wanted to grow their business further by purchasing some new machines. However,

  • Used Transport Asset

Used Transport Assets ($32,000)

Challenge: An inter-state transport business purchased a 1993 refurbished tipper trailer but was unable to secure funding due to the asset's