Transport Equipment Finance

We provide equipment finance for the Transport industry.

Service Finance knows that operating in the transport industry requires capital and investment. You may need trucks and other vehicles, storage facilities, advanced systems for managing operations and inventory, and technology for tracking and communicating with your people on the road (or in the air, or on the water). And from time to time you’ll no doubt need to upgrade your transport assets to be ever more efficient, faster and more environmentally friendly.

It doesn’t matter what you’re transporting, or if you need a fleet or just a few vehicles, our fast equipment finance will keep you moving. And it’s not only vehicles and equipment we finance, we can also provide equipment finance for technology and systems to manage logistics and communications.

We also lend to fund items such as staffing and cash flow. Take stock of the old assets you have. They may not be the most efficient or the fastest, but they may be trusty workhorses and we have no limit on how old or used an asset can be for it to be borrowed against, to help you move forward.

Speak with your broker about how equipment finance can help your transport business.

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Transport asset trailer
Transport asset car

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